Tasks and Assignments. Completed.
Delivered and in progress.

  • Audit Remediation PMO
  • Sanctions violations forensic Audit Support
  • US Sanctions Verification Monitorship - PMO 
  • KYC Centralisation feasability study
  • Regulated Entity Governance Structure
  • Corporate Secretary creation for Governance Control
  • Utility Billing Concepts for Offshore Operations
  • Offshoring analysis : Cost Benefit Execution and Governance Oversight
  • Outsourcing Contracts : Procedures and Oversight Structures
  • Onshore Transaction Banking Expansion in Asian Markets
  • Onshore Forex and Money Market Expansion in Domestic Markets
  • Vendor Management 
  • Legal Banking Entity Branch Governance Models : Adoption Best Practice
  • Target client planning : Client Wallet Assessments and Access
  • Sales and Relationship Management teams : Right-sizing and Optimal Coverage Models
  • Supporting Strategic Planning Through Workshops and Analysis
  • Operational Procedures : Reviews and Implementation
  • Know Your Client (KYC) : Guidelines, Procedures and Regional Centralisation
  • Transactional Screening : Politically Exposed People and Sanctions Monitoring
  • Interim Management Positions in Developing New Franchise Opportunities
  • M&A Deal Participation : Deal Analysis and Subject Matter Expertise for Transaction Driven Business
  • Projects : Bringing Outsourced Activities Back In-House
  • Expansion Projects : Entering New Markets. Analysis and Business Case Creation
  • Industry Working Group Member for ISSA
  • Product advisor to AI start up for securities operations
  • Product Advisor to AI platform for Securities transactions Monitoring
  • Regulatory AUdit Remediation Co ordinator
  • Family Office project Manager for direct Investments
  • Bespoke Corporate Services
  • Start Up Investment Case and Support 


Financial Advice Assignments